MISIMPRESSIONS is a New Zealand short film by director Sinead Lau. It is funded by The New Zealand Film Commission as part of the Fresh Shorts scheme in 2015. Production took place in February 2016 in Wellington, New Zealand, with a local cast and crew from around the country. Post-Production was completed in late 2016.

Screenings and Awards:

Wairoa Maori Film Festival

June 4th, 2017

Wairoa, New Zealand

Canberra Short Film Festival

September 15th, 2017

Canberra, Australia


Best Score/Sound in International Film Category

MUVI Lisboa - International Music Film Festival

November 20th, 2017

Lisbon, Portugal


Honourable Mention for Short Sonnet - International Stage

Los Angeles Cinefest

April 2018

Online Festival


Short + Sweet Film Festival Auckland

September 21st, 2018

Auckland, New Zealand

Official Selection

Down Under Berlin Film Festival

September 23rd, 2018

Berlin, German

Official Selection


Louie and Darius are young practitioners of classical arts, living together in a small flat. Louie is a still-life painter, whose obsessive compulsive nature is reflected in his too-neat environment and slow progress. Darius is a zealous violinist in the midst of composing a violin solo. Their symbiotic relationship allows them comfort and mutual appreciation. 

When they receive a letter from their landlord, their complacent existence is threatened. 
Faced with eviction, Louie and Darius search for a third roommate to help pay for the property rather than give up their artistic den. 



Sinead Lau is an emerging writer and director from Wellington, New Zealand. She is a second-generation New Zealander of Hong Kong descent, and consequently has a unique perspective of her home country and its cultural diversity. Seeing first-hand how the sensibilities of different ethnicities can positively affect one another, Sinead embraces the medley of her upbringing, and carries the virtues of both into her career.


Having dabbled in various art forms, Sinead settled on filmmaking as a medium to combine writing, design, music and other creative practices as a singular way to tell stories. Finding her voice as an auteur director more so than a genre filmmaker, she is strongly influenced by classical arts in her developing style, and this is reflected notably in her debut short film, MISIMPRESSIONS.


Currently, Sinead is a Production Manager in Motion Capture at Weta Digital; the Wellington-based visual effects giant. This role has given her a strong insight into blockbuster movie-making and the awe-inspiring digital technology of current and future films. However, Sinead’s interests lie in telling simple stories, with imaginative elements layered over a poetic narrative. Her focus on the inspiring aspects of humanity influence her films as celebrations of creativity.



Julian Arahanga of Ngāti Rangi descent is the Company Director of Awa Films, and has 20 years’ experience in the film and television industry. He has worked on a range of productions with some of the world’s most influential filmmakers including Lee Tamahori in ‘Once Were Warriors’ and the Wachowski’s in ‘The Matrix’. His experience provides the foundation and gives Awa Films an insightful perspective in the development and management of its projects. Currently, Awa Films is producing several television documentary series’, but also has a slate of feature films in development.

Director of Photography


Luke Evans has been making films since his early teens, being taken with the simple concept that two images cut one after the other can tell a story. This passion has grown and developed ever since, and he has worked as a cinematographer and editor on all manner of corporate and creative projects in both Melbourne and Wellington. His goal is to follow his passion for story and images in the narrative field, working with likeminded individuals and exploring the latest technology to create content that is entertaining, relevant and poignant.

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